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Membership Renewal

Thank you for your commitment to the ongoing revival of the club at Kawau.

Your Committee has resolved to continue to hold subs at low levels. Subscriptions for 2020/21 are: Dual/Family membership, $150 + gst ($140 + gst for affiliated club members), and for Individuals, $100 + gst (or affiliated club members, $90 + gst). The next page will ask you to nominate your membership category.

Re affiliated Clubs, these are boating clubs that have agreed to promote KBC to their members, to do their level best to hold at least one event a year at KBC and to make a contribution of $250 to the building restoration fund. Some Clubs are still making up their minds, but at present the affiliated list is RNZYS, Sandspit Yacht Club, Milford Cruising Club, Weiti Boating Club and Outboard Boating Club (Auckland) Thank you all. 

So, how to renew?

Option 1.

Online, strongly preferred by us because it reduces pressure at the Club and simplifies financial processing both for you and us. Please read this first then click the 'renew now' button.

You'll go through a template set up for online purchases from the Club, so some of the wording's a bit odd for sub renewals. It also requires you to provide your personal details, which although is a little time-consuming, does enable us to cross-check against our database. Please bear with us (and Shopify!).

When you click ' Checkout'  you'll get to the Payment Method page. The template includes the 'offline' payment options of 'Bank Deposit' or Cheque, but assuming you've already made the commitment to pay online, please ignore these and click the Credit Card option at the top. This will take you to the Payment Express page which then opens up the alternatives of direct bank transfer (Account2Account) which is quicker for you and saves your club transaction fees, or payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). A bit complicated, but trust us, it was more so at our end.  

If you use the online option, please bring your receipt to the club when you come to collect your card - it will speed things up.

Now click the button!l 

Renew Now  

Option 2.

Option 2 – direct transfer. If you want to renew later offline, please transfer your sub direct to us at BNZ Birkenhead, 02 0112 0128447 002. Please include your surname & membership number (or first name if your membership number isn't available). 


Option 3. 

Pay at the club by credit card, eftpos or cash. We know this is pretty convenient for members but it creates real log jam problems for the staff at busy times, so please use 1,2 or 3.above if at all possible. BUT we need your renewal no matter how, so if this is the one............