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Thank you for your commitment to the ongoing revival of the club at Kawau.

Subscriptions for 2023/24 Season are: Family membership, $198 incl gst ($188 for affiliated club family member), and for Individuals, $132 incl gst ($122 affiliated club individual member). The next page will ask you to nominate your membership category.

Re affiliated Clubs, these are boating clubs that have agreed to promote KBC to their members, to do their level best to hold at least one event a year at KBC and to make a contribution of $250 + gst to the building restoration fund. Some Clubs are still making up their minds, but at present the affiliated list is RNZYS, Sandspit Yacht Club, Milford Cruising Club, Weiti Boating Club and Outboard Boating Club (Auckland) Thank you all. 

Your new season membership card will be sent to you or waiting for you at the Club. You will need it with you to get your member benefits at the Club and access to Fuel 24 x7.

So, how to join and pay?

If you click the 'Join Now' button below, it will take you through  our online process to record your details for the member database and provide you with payment options.

The template is in place for our online shop, so some of the wording's a bit odd for sub payment, e.g 'Add to cart', 'Check out' etc but if you press on, it will all make sense ( we hope!).

If you use the online option for payment, please bring your receipt to the club when you come to collect your card - it will speed things up.

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