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Response from the Mahurangi Matters article regarding Kawau Boating Club

Dear KBC Members,

You may be aware there was a recent article in the Mahurangi Matter regarding the Kawau Boating Club (KBC) and the views expressed by member Lin Pardey, published on the 8th December, 2021. You can view the article here -

The KBC has a long and proud history, and holds a special place in the hearts of members, and visiting boaties to Bon Accord Harbour. We welcome, and actively seek feedback from members, however must respect that we are living in a very different time as we navigate a pandemic economy and restrictions.

A number of the views expressed in the article were grossly incorrect, and a statement from our Chairman, Mike Mahoney, addresses some of these false claims.

KBC currently has 358 financial members, and given the delay in opening for the season, we know there will be an influx of subscriptions now that the club is officially open for the season after almost four months of being lockdown. Already we have seen visiting boaties escape the big smoke for our little pocket of paradise.

With regards to the Annual General Meeting being held at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, this is a matter that was canvased to members with the majority in favour of hosting the AGM at the Squadron. We anticipate the AGM will be held in February 2022 and appropriate notices will be published.

Below is a copy of an email sent to the Mahurangi Matters reporter from our Chairman, prior to the article being published. As you will see, it outlines the proactive and collaborative actions of the KBC Committee.

The focus of the committee is to create an environment for everyone to enjoy and to support our broad membership base, no matter where they reside.

Now that the club is back open for business, please make sure you pop in an visit next time you’re in the area. KBC is your club, and our vision is for you to enjoy it for years to come.


The email, as was sent to Mahurangi Matters reporter at 7.34pm on the 1st December, 2021.

Hi Jonathan

Ive known Lin for probably 15 years- we’ve sailed together , raced, together and I regard her as a friend -. I embrance  and share her passion for KBC. The fact she is so determined highlights the importance KBC is to members whether they reside on Kawau, are Rodney residents of Auckland wide. Unfortunately on this occasion  Lin and her colleague have  totally misinterpreted our aim for the KBC and drawn wildly  incorrect conclusions. We are infact totally aligned on what KBC ethos should be – it’s a unique Club in a unique setting and has the special Kawau “X “ factor – that’s why people come to KBC , its why people join KBC and our ambition is to foster that friendly family climate and encourage more like minded people to join

Answering your questions:

I’d draw your attention to the previous 3 newsletters which are on the KBC website. I ‘ll let you form your own conclusions, but respectfully suggest there is absolutely nothing that suggests “elitest, Wealthy Aucklander , but conversely, every initiative the current committee has embarked on is toward participation focusing on families and involvement of the local community.

For example:

The “Up the River Raid” – a dingy cruise to Matakana Markets – a first for KBC 

The Labour Weekend Regatta – we had yoga classes – from a Kawau business, a band, another River Cruise – aimed at getting smaller boats who cant race further and families who don’t want to race further than Kawau ,participating- we are after all a boating club and since the Clubs inception in 1952 , they used to hold regattas. This years Committee has  sponsored the Kirra ( Kawau newsletter), the local Coastguard and the Westpac  Rescue Helicopter- all because of the importance of Kawau Community. KBC Committee financially supported the Art Fair – a group of Kawau and Rodney amateur artists !

We supported the ANZAC celebrations and already have the 2022 celebrations planned .

The Committee has supported a ban on scallop dredging in Kawau Bay – another local community initiative 

We would like to hold a  regatta- Kawau bay and our facility is a fantastic  opportunity- eg Mahurangi Regatta is famous over Auckland Anniversary Weekend – why not dovetail in and compliment that event. I mentioned Hamilton Island in the newsletter – a signature Australian event , not for grandprix racers but weekend yachties- we have the pristine water, the safe anchorage and venue- the problem we have is the Club is already at capacity at that time of the year!

We do recognize the importance of our members- all members . not just those resident on Kawau/ Rodney –noting,  the vast majority of members are Auckland City residents. We recognize the need to create value for our members and  in each newsletter encourage members to share ideas. We recognize the massive roll Davo and Robyn Lee – the Licensee operators of the famous Bistro  . Over 8 years they have created a wonderful atmosphere at KBC and are the backbone of the Club amenity for members- public and members alike love the relaxed , barefoot atmosphere, superb food and the genuine old fashioned hospitality and friendship- that will never change .

In terms of management , the Committee is comprised of business people – we run a tight ship at Kawau- we paid down the KBC debt this year and maintain healthy bank  surpluses as our revenue stream is largely  dependent on subscriptions . We wont risk capital on any project without full due diligence and member support. We’ve developed a long term maintenance plan, and undertaken extensive upgrades to the jetty, yard space, electrical audits, septic system. We chase donations where we can and in the last couple of months, a Committee member arranged the donation of new outdoor tables, new safety grass for the jetty, new septic equipment and new windows. We maintain a strong liaison with our Landlord- the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, who have reciprocated the relationship with capital improvements on the seawall and a $150,000 native tree planting programme. The Committee meet via  phone, ZOOM ,frequently  and have excellent lines of demarcation – eg – one does legal, another building maintenance, another finance, database etc etc- it’s a small team who do rather than talk

AGM: In September this year we nominated a date for the AGM . The only option under Covid was ZOOM.  Legal advice intervened  and we agreed our  Constitution did not permit ZOOM. The Committee then agreed an AGM date for October but to be held at the RNZYS. The previous 2 AGM (held at Sandspit ) had 19 and 20 attendees. We received overwhelming support for the decision . However , Covid dictated on 10 attendees only were permitted ( not a quorum of 20) so it was cancelled. Prior to 2014 , all meetings were held at RNZYS

Our last newsletter highlighted that until this week , we didn’t know when we could hold a meeting. December isn’t realistic and January – boaties are away . So we have opted for February- not ideal but out of our control.

Nominations for Committee participation will of course follow the Constitution , as will all reporting eg financials. Chairmans report etc to members – 14 days prior to the AGM.

I understand we have 38 new members already this year and while I don’t have the exact numbers we are well ahead of renewals from last year (considering we haven’t opened yet) and are on track to better the 700 members approx. from 2020

Happy to answer any queries – Im out at KBC tomorrow hanging 30 burgees ( pennants) we’ve sourced from yacht clubs around the world!


Mike Mahoney

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