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Your new pontoon is here!


Great news—we got the right weather and the right towing vessel and equipment lined up, and the pontoon made a successful journey up to the Kawau Boating Club! You’ll be able to tie up there over the new season, or anytime you’re out Bon Accord way. This is an important and exciting addition to the club and we’re looking forward to seeing you all stepping onto the pontoon as you head up to your club with family and friends (for some of Davo and Robyn’s legendary hospitality!)

Pontoon dedications—available exclusively to members
We’re excited to be able to offer a limited amount of pontoon ‘dedications’ available to our KBC members. This would mean you (and your family) would have a personal plaque on the pontoon—celebrating your part in improving our club and creating a connection to KBC you can be very proud to point out. These plaques would be a great thing to show and share with your children and other visitors in the future. And they are also a great gift for the boaties in your life! The dedications will help us fund the pontoon’s build, installation and maintenance: your plaque dedications are absolutely vital for Kawau Boating Club. 

How it works
At this stage, we are offering just 25 plaques—exclusively to members. Judging by how popular and successful our table dedications were, these will go fast, so you’ll need to move quickly to secure you part in our KBC history. Our plaques will be $350 for a ‘landside’ plaque (on the inside edge of the pontoon, where we'll have 13 plaques), and $500 for an ‘oceanside’ one (on the harbour side where we'll have 12 plaques). It’d be great to see you taking the chance to add your own legacy to the KBC pontoon.

To secure your plaque, please contact us via email ( in the first instance and we'll forward further details to you.

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