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What a Great Labour Weekend

Saturday The new Kawau Boating Club opened at Mid-day in the historic clubhouse with beautiful still weather, hardly any breeze and warm temperatures.
The Bon Accord Anchorage was full, from KBC wharf to the head of the Harbour with picturesque Yachts and launches of yesteryear. The sunny afternoon turned into a warm evening with lovely meals of Steak, Chicken, Salad or chips to suit most tastes
and made the more cheery with the fire glowing to match the mood later in the day and evening until closing.

Sunday, Regatta day, the weather gods smiled again with a lovely building westerly promising a lively sail .
Two genuine classic Centre boarders were joined by two high speed catamarans in the small boat division on a harbour course rounding the speed markers and a mark off the eastern end of Smelting house cove, dodging in and out of the moored boats for the two laps set.
With a beat out of the harbour from a Mark Foy start off the KBC wharf at 1300hrs the 16 Keel yachts were surely keeping within the speed restriction until the speed marker buoys, thence after rounding Rabbit Island a tight fast reach through Blanche Channel rounding Motuketekete Island then a fast broad reach to Momona Point and down hill slide to the finish line between the Speed Markers.  The first boat in Xanadu, arrived so unexpectedly quick that the Officer of the Day on the finish boat Hinewai, ably captained by KBC Club Captain  were caught unaware.
All yachts finished in quick succession with crews gathering in the bar for the opening speech from Club Captain Martin Farrand thanking the Squadron for their generosity and all the willing souls that had made the opening possible. Martin introduced, she who needed no introduction, Auckland City Councillor and past Mayor of Rodney, Penny Webster.  Penny gave an encouraging speech assuring the club of council assistance in providing the Kawau community with a much needed facility and gracefully kept her speech short as promised. 
Commodore Steve Horsley spoke of the happy arrangement with KBC who promise more of the same joint Regattas with other clubs. Regatta organiser Hugh Gladwell gave out the prizes.
John Duder, winner of the Centre Boarders division spoke of the history of sailing at Kawau and spoke in memory of recently departed  Lieutenant Commander Connell Percy Thode RNZNVR, aged 103, Commander of H.M.Submarine Scythian during World War II, Captain of many yachts before and after the war including Iorangi, Captain of Spirit of Adventure, Con was well known at Kawau and to the yachting fraternity of Auckland, a member of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Kawau Island Yacht Club.
John cut a specially baked cake for the celebration of Cons life and a new club born.

The wind blew with promise of more to come, the power was cut for all of Kawau Island so apart from a few hardy souls who wanted to join up all others headed for home.
The new Kawau Boating Club so named to include anybody who has an interest in boating whether it be Yachting, Cruising, Launching Fishing or Kayaking all are welcome to join.


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