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6 December – start of full service

6 December – start of full service With Robyn and David on site, we’re very pleased to be able to advise that KBC will re-open 6 December (sorry this is a little later than earlier advised – big work load to get through),  except Mondays, then 7 days from 26 December (closed Xmas Day). Fuel may be just a few days later. You wouldn’t believe the regulatory complexity of getting fuel delivered to Kawau! RNZYS and your committee have been working on this for several months and have devoted many hundreds of hours which are only now getting us to a satisfactory...

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What a Great Labour Weekend

Saturday The new Kawau Boating Club opened at Mid-day in the historic clubhouse with beautiful still weather, hardly any breeze and warm temperatures.The Bon Accord Anchorage was full, from KBC wharf to the head of the Harbour with picturesque Yachts and launches of yesteryear. The sunny afternoon turned into a warm evening with lovely meals of Steak, Chicken, Salad or chips to suit most tastes and made the more cheery with the fire glowing to match the mood later in the day and evening until closing.Sunday, Regatta day, the weather gods smiled again with a lovely building westerly promising a lively...

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